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RF Microneedling

Sagging Skin? No way! FDA Approved RF Microneedling deep acting effect boosts collagen by 3x and restores your skin’s bounce and confidence.

We have the first and only US FDA-cleared 4 mode MicroNeedle RF device that will wake your skin’s collagen, helping to reverse time and aging.

3 sessions for $3,000

Benefits of RF Microneedling - 3 x Collagen Boost!

Repair, Restore, Regenerate: 
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lift and tighten sagging skin/Minimize acne scars/stretch marks at the same time (only machine that can do that)
  • Improve skin texture and tone
  • Achieve a natural, youthful appearance

Seeing is Believing

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What is RF Microneedling?

We have the world’s first RF micro-needling machine that combines monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency at 1 or 2MHz in a single device, creating four unique RF modes. With 4 RF modes, 9 different needle configurations and customizable energy settings treatments can be fine-tuned based on your specific skin’s needs – anywhere on the body, any time of the year.

  • Four RF modes allows a larger variety of conditions both superficial and deep to be treated
  • The first semi-insulated needles provide increased coverage in a single treatment
  • Single-needle handpiece to precisely target and destroy blemishes on the skin
  • 9 different tips to treat a wide variety of patients
  • Treatment areas – Full Face, Forehead, Crow’s Feet, Upper Cheek, Lower Eyes,Lower Cheek, Nose, Upper & Lower Lip, Chin, Jawline, Neck, Decolletage, Elbows, Abdomen

How RF Microneedling Works

The ultra-fine needles and FDA-approved radio frequency penetrates the skin’s most outerlayers, triggering the skin’s natural repair process. As a result, new collagen and elastin iscreated leaving skin looking tighter, firmer, brighter and younger-acting.

During treatment, a microneedle tip is placed on the outer layer of the skin. The ultra-finemicroneedles penetrate the tissue as the monopolar or bipolar radio frequency energy isdirectly applied to the target treatment area.

This is where the body’s natural repair process is triggered, resulting in the building of newcollagen and elastin over the next 4-6 weeks after treatment.

What is monopolar and bipolar RF needling?

Bipolar devices – the RF comes out from the needle and is returned to another needle on the same tip. Treatment is more shallow and focused. This is great for skin texture issues like acne scars, open pores, stretch marks.

Monopolar devices – the RF comes out from a handpiece and goes deeper into the tissue before going into the return pad and going back into the machine. This can target deeper issues like retaining ligaments, deeper fat. It also gives a facelifting effect!

Diagram showing monopolar and bipolar settings in one treatment

Facts about RF Microneedling Devices

SpecificationPotenzaGenius RFMorpheus8Secret RF

RF Modes

Bipolar + 2MHz

Bipolar + 4MHz

Monopolar + 2MHz

Monopolar + 1MHz

Bipolar + 460 KHz

Bipolar + 1MHzBipolar + 2MHz

Needle Types






Needle Arrays

Single Needle

Multi (16,25,49)

49 Only24 OnlyMulti (25,64)

Motor Speed


Max Power (W)


Max Depth (mm)

Max Pulse Duration (ms)


Services & Treatments Available


Frequently Asked Questions

RF Microneedling : what is it?

Using a handheld radio frequency microneedling device operated by one of our doctors, the ultra-fine needles and FDA-approved radio frequency penetrate the skin’s most outer layers, triggering the skin’s natural repair process. This results in tighter, firmer, brighter, and younger-looking skin thanks to the creation of new collagen and elastin.

How does it work?

The topical numbing cream is applied 30 minutes prior to the treatment after makeup has been removed and the skin has been cleansed. During treatment, a microneedle tip is inserted into the outer layer of skin. In direct radio frequency treatment, the microneedles penetrate tissue as monopolar or bipolar radio frequency energy is applied to the treatment area. A natural repair process is triggered, leading to the development of new collagen and elastin within 4-6 weeks after treatment.

The full effects of treatment are usually seen 12 weeks after the last treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

RF Microneedling treatments generally take about an hour.

What skin/body concerns does RF Microneedling treat?

The RF Microneedling treatments can address a wide range of skin concerns on the face and body. This includes treating fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging and sun damage. Besides treating acne scars and stretch marks, it can also reduce pores and reduce skin irregularities. Face, neck, décolleté, and chest are the most commonly treated areas.

Tell me honestly, does RF Microneedling hurt, even with numbing cream?

Most patients report minimal discomfort during this treatment, but everyone’s discomfort threshold is different. After your skin is numbed, you may feel “spicy”, stinging or mild burning and light pressure.

It is also normal for some patients to experience small pinpoint bleeding during treatment. Talk to us if you have sensitive skin so that we can better manage the process for you.

Any downtime?

It is normal for some patients to experience small pinpoint bleeding during treatment. After treatment, patients may also experience swelling, redness, or irritation. In most cases, these symptoms will go away within a couple of days of treatment.

How many treatments are needed to see results?

Treatments will vary depending on patient preference and desired results. For best results, we recommend having three to four treatments six weeks apart.

Am I a good candidate for RF Microneedling?

RF Microneedling is suitable for anyone who wants to improve fine lines, moderate wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne scars, stretch marks, and texture irregularities in their skin.

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